Tuesday, 25 September 2012

6 months in, what's going on?

As some of you might be aware we've really neglected the blog recently and we've found Facebook ( www.facebook.com/KineticCyclesWelwyn ) and Twitter ( @kineticbicycles ) an easier medium to quickly keep people up-to-date as oppsoed to long, rambling blog posts.

But enough of that....

So, it's a week shy of 6 months since we opened the doors and a lot has changed.  The stress and chaos of preparing a shop to open have been replace with the stress and chaos of a business that has grown far quicker than any of us anticipated.  We have had a fully booked workshop since the 2nd month and we've doubled our staff.  We've gone from an initial portfolio of 4 brands to a burgeoning portfolio that now includes Specialized, Ridgeback, Genesis, Pashley, Moda, Mondraker, Eddy Merckx, Yeti, Singular and Time, alongside clothing from Endura, Fox Racing and Pearl Izumi and quality accessories from the likes of GoPro, Brooks, Camelbak, Evoc to name but a very, very few.  And that's not to forget the BMX and scooter boys too!

So what's next?  Well, after a summer that lasted for about a fortnight we've got our first christmas to look forward to.  Alongside the traditional christmas trade, we're also going to be promoting a range of awesome stocking fillers, a christmas idea gift list and Emma is going to be putting together a cycling twist on the traditional Christmas Hamper.

On a non-festive note, we've got a swanky new website being built by our friends at www.lemongrassmedia.co.uk which will be going live in early October.  This will have a groovy news feed as well as info on us, our brands and an online booking system for the workshop.

As much of a cliche as it is, by liking us on facebook it provides an easier access point for information on what we've got going on, events and rides we will be holding and a viewpoint into the murky world of running a bike shop. - www.facebook.com/KineticCyclesWelwyn or Twitter @KineticBicycles



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