Thursday, 1 March 2012

Is Spring Springing?

Looking out of my window I see a strange sight, the sun.  not only that, but on venturing outside I notice a dramatic side-effect of this seldom seen phenomenon; warmth!  Far too often over the past months the sight of the sun has been tainted with blistering cold meaning for the most part, it was often best enjoyed from behind glass, cuppa in had, sat in front of the fire.

Venturing further afield I notice the trails are drying, perhaps my laziness in leaving semi-slick tyres on my 'cross bike throughout the winter is about to pay dividends?!  The sun, warmth, dry trails and longer evenings can only be one thing; the masses are coming, and I do not at all mean this in a derisory fashion, I'm genuinely excited about the prospect.  Every spring time bikes are pulled from hibernation and once again the nation re-discovers it's love for all things 2-wheeled, which can only be positive.  Year-on-year  more people than ever, rather than consign their bikes to sheds and garages alongside their classic 2-seater sports cars and lawn mowers, sling on a set of waterproofs and mudguards and continue spinning away long into the winter.  And now comes the time to convert some more.  I'm sure with the Olympic buzz we'll see a new influx of people re-discovering the bike and another group who will be able to hold their head up high and rather than saying "I own a bike" will declare; "I am a cyclist!"  Can we keep this rolling is the question?

Anyway, onto more pressing matters:  We're still hounding solicitors to get on with the job in hand.  On the surface it doesn't appear complicated but it's taking it's sweet time.  On the up side, the landlord has very kindly agreed for us to have the keys in advance of completing so we can start getting contractors in. This should all be happening next tuesday and with that in mind, we should still be on schedule for an April opening - I have however watched enough episodes of Grand Designs to know not to count my chickens before they've hatched and relevant cliches.

We've got supplier meetings monday, so fingers crossed we should be able to announce some exciting (certainly for us) news soon.

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