Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Time keeps on ticking

When we first started out on this journey back in October last year, April seemed a long way away.  We had plenty of time to find the right premises, source suppliers, get hold of all the investment we would need, fit the shop and throw open the doors, perhaps we could even do it earlier?

It's funny how all of a sudden we're looking at 5 weeks until we want to be open. 5 weeks, not 7 months, and still the lease is with the solicitors.  Having said that, in that time we have missed out on 2 shops and ultimately ended up with a bigger space in a better location and for less money than we had initially budgeted for, so perhaps fate has played it's part after all.

We've certainly not been twiddling our thumbs however; we've got bike suppliers lined up and provisional orders in, we've got some marketing materials prepped and we've had all the quotes we need for securing the shop and carrying out the fit in the way we would like, lets just hope we get the keys soon.

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